Needham Education Foundation Awards $46,660 in Spring Grants

May 10, 2014

The Needham Education Foundation has awarded Spring Grants for ten innovative programs, including a speaker series for parents on the theme of fostering resiliency in children. Three of the grants fund innovative teacher training programs. In all, grants worth $46,660 for the Spring grant cycle were announced at the Needham School Committee meeting on April 29. They include three grants for teacher training to introduce new curriculum and concepts and a lecture series for parents.

Spring grants include funding for:

  • Bullying prevention workshop for Newman staff.
  • Teaching training for Mitchell 4th and 5th grade teachers and the school’s literary specialist at the Teachers’ College Readers & Writers Project Summer Institute at Columbia University this summer.
  • Development of a new Holocaust Unit to be taught to 8th graders and paying for training via “Facing History and Ourselves” to focus on understanding the historical roots of the Holocaust and grappling with ethical and moral questions pertaining to the roots of hatred and oppression.
  • A parent lecture series on Fostering Resilience and Social-Emotional Wellness in Needham’s Elementary School-Age Children, with separate speakers scheduled throughout the year.