The Needham Education Foundation Supports Innovation and Enrichment

Creative ideas come to life with funding from the NEF. We encourage Needham public school educators, administrators, and community members—including students and parents—to apply for a grant to benefit Needham Public School students.

The NEF seeks applications for innovative programs that connect with current curriculum or the district goals in meaningful ways. We encourage proposals that are innovative, enriching, collaborative, impactful, and/or sustainable.

To best adhere to our mission, the NEF funds grants that are outside of normal and expected school funding and we rarely provide repeat funding for grants at the same school. These policies ensure that we will have funds available for all schools to try something new. It also allows grant applicants to pilot a new idea or program before requesting on-going funding from the district.

Guidelines for Success

The NEF is eager to support your innovative ideas and help you successfully obtain funding. Following our grant guidelines will increase the likelihood that your grant application will be approved.

Apply for a Grant

The NEF awards grants three times a year, in the fall, winter, and spring. Learn about the types of NEF grants, including Express and Multi-School Grants, and how to choose between Small and Large Grants.

Previously Awarded Grants

Search our database of previously awarded grants for ideas, to learn about the types of grants we fund, or to find a grant you would like to replicate at your school using our Express Grant program. 

Collaborative Initiatives

In 2006, the Needham Education Foundation created the Collaborative Initiative program, in which the NEF works closely with the Needham Public Schools administration to fund larger, potentially multi-year initiatives that will have major strategic impact on education, yet would not be possible within the confines of the current school operating budget.

The Collaborative Initiative program exists outside of NEF’s traditional grant programs.