Charlie Brown at Needham High SchoolThanks to an NEF small grant, life coach and yo-yo dancer Brett Outchcunis (aka DJ Ooch) brought his upbeat SuperPOWER antibullying program to Needham for third- through fifth-graders. His program, which supports the NPS mission to address bullying, uses an entertaining mix of storytelling, dance, and yo-yo tricks to empower students to draw on their unique SuperPOWERs and to be a part of the antibullying solution. A self-proclaimed former bullying victim, Outchcunis shared his own personal experiences to connect with students and give his message credibility. During his presentation, Outchcunis emphasized the value of self-confidence and showing respect for others. He gave tips on how to recognize bullying situations and report bullying incidents to adults.

Outchcunis’s energy and positive message got enthusiastic reviews from his elementary school audience:

What teachers are saying…
“Ooch was both entertaining and educational. My students are still doing the Ooch cheer. The program really supported what we do in the classroom.”
“This type of program is just what elementary school students need. It is hip, upbeat, engaging, and entertaining. DJ Ooch was enthusiastic and talented.”

What students are saying…
“My favorite part was learning that everyone has a SuperPOWER!”
“If I see someone get bullied, I would tell a grown-up.”
“Bullying is when one more powerful person tries to take the confidence of another less powerful person.”

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