Can you stand on Dixie cups without crushing them? How would you build a bridge with only paper and tape to support the weight of pennies or even a boot? Can you protect an egg dropped from many stories high? On November 8, more than 300 parents and children attended the second annual Let’s Build Engineering Extravaganza to try to solve these and many other design challenges.

The Extravaganza also highlighted local engineers and scientists. Representatives from Olin College, MIT, the Needham High School Robotics Team and the Needham Science Center were among those who showcased technologies including a 3D printer, homemade internet based on Morse code, and a robotic hand!

With help from two NEF grants, Let’s Build Engineering Fun for Kids organized the Extravaganza and kicked off in-classroom workshops for students at Hillside, Broadmeadow and Newman.

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