NEF Honors 2018-2019 Grant Recipients

May 23, 2019

On May 20, 2019, NEF held a reception to honor those who were awarded grants during the 2018-2019 school year.  Held at the Eliot School, the ceremony featured remarks by Superintendent Dan Gutekanst and NEF co-presidents Kelly Partridge and Joanna Herrera.  Each grant recipient was provided with a certificate and thanked for their efforts in applying for a grant. 

See coverage of the reception on the Needham Channel.

2018-2019 Grant Recipients

Susan Audibert

Co-Grant Writer: Seema Meloni

“Professional Development in Mindfulness and Resiliency Training“ (Hillside)

 Greg Bayse

Co-Grant Writer: Jean Tower

“Modeling the 21st Century Elementary Media Center” (Mitchell)

 Margaret Berges

“Literacy Lounge” (Eliot)

 Karen Bourn

Co-Grant Writers: Anne Burgholzer, Stephanie Calvo, Kim Hoffman

“The Walking Classroom” (Eliot)

 Liza d’Hemecourt

“Understanding Student Differences Through Film and Speaker Series” (Mitchell)

 Sue Doherty

“Audiobooks and Digital Books to Support Differentiation in the ELA

Classroom” (Pollard)

 Emily Gaberman

“Citizens of Broadmeadow: All Are Welcome” (Broadmeadow)

 Stephanie Hamel

Co-Grant Writer: Liz Silva

“Full STEAM Ahead:  Enhancing Computational Thinking & Spatial Reasoning for All Learners Through Mathematical Play” (Broadmeadow)

 Heather Harris

Co-Grant Writers: Shakur Abdal-Khallaq, Arielle Mossberg

“Making Space” (Needham High)

 Elizabeth Hitron

“Author Visit:  Gloria Respress-Churchwell” (Hillside)

 Elizabeth Hitron

Co-Grant Writer: Jennifer Guardino

“Vox Books—Books That Talk!” (Hillside)

 Carol-Ann Hurley

Co-Grant Writers: Raylene Roberts, Alyson Schenker

“A 21st Century Bookroom” (Hillside)

 Elizabeth Lee

“How Many Elephants?  Engaging Kindergartners and Their Families in Engineering Design Challenges” (Hillside)

 Erin Mack

“Examined Life: Greek Studies in the Schools Fellowship” (High Rock)

 Erin Mack

“Exploring Robotics” (High Rock)

 Laura Magno

“World War Women: The Unsung Heroines of World War II” (Needham High)

 Laura Magno

“Smithsonian American Art Museum Summer Institute 2019” (Needham High)

 Michael Marcojohn

Co-Grant Writer: Kathy Pinkham

“Pollard Low-Ropes Challenge Course” (Pollard)

 Samantha Martyn

“8th Grade Experiential Education: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Equipment” (Pollard)

 Teresa Marx

Co-Grant Writers: Melanie Bunda, Annapurna Vakati, Heather Hotchkiss

“Cognition and Instruction in STEM-Professional Development for 4 Science Teachers” (Needham High)

 Steve Mock

“Differentiated Learning Station” (Pollard)

 Shayan Raza

Co-Grant Writers: Joshua Yankell, Samantha Bookston

“The Sky’s the Limit: Drones at NHS” (Needham High)

 Paige Rowse

“Gregory Katsoulis Author Visit” (Needham High)

 Paige Rowse

“Rubik’s Cube Mosaics” (Needham High)

 Paige Rowse

“Differentiated Learning Spaces” (Needham High)

 Jenn Scheck-Kahn

“Sensory Toolkit” (Eliot)

 Elyssa Schneider

Co-Grant Writer: Patricia McNamara

“Hispanic Literary Expansion” (High Rock)

 Colleen Soldato

Co-Grant Writers: Sarah Burton, Karen Tiberi, Barbara Hayden

“Yoga for Every Learner-Direct Instruction” (Mitchell)

 Colleen Soldato

Co-Grant Writers: Sarah Burton, Karen Tiberi, Barbara Hayden

“Yoga for Every Learner-Educator Training” (Mitchell)

 Elissa Strauss

Co-Grant Writer: Maryellen Shea

“Planet Box” (Pollard)

 LeeAnn Sutton

“Sons of Serendip Residency” (Pollard and Needham High)

 Heather Tryon

“Ukes for Broadmeadow” (Broadmeadow)

 Andrea Vargas

Co-Grant Writer: Jessica Peterson

“Cultural Conversations Through Community Book Studies” (Newman)

 Saundra Watson

“Sensory Pathways” (Broadmeadow)