Flight at Broadmeadow School

The Needham Education Foundation Brings Interdisciplinary Learning at Needham High School

With grants totaling $258,500 over three years, NEF has supported interdisciplinary learning at Needham High School through a trailblazing new course for seniors, while encouraging similar innovative programming throughout the district. This course,  launched in 2013, connects traditional disciplines—a key for 21st-century learning and problem solving. Through NEF’s funding, Needham High School teachers have created and are teaching Integrated Senior Studies: The Greater Boston Project, an integrated class that focuses on specific periods in Boston’s history. The course challenges students to use primary research and draw upon skills in English, math, and social studies to investigate how individuals and groups perceived themselves and worked to effect change. The course helps students learn to make crucial connections between different academic disciplines and develop problem-solving skills that are essential for success in higher education and beyond.

Flight at Broadmeadow School

NEF is providing additional seed money to support high school teachers’ innovative ideas related to interdisciplinary teaching and learning.

“…the creativity and energy around developing this course has spread throughout the district and has become a springboard for more interdisciplinary learning throughout the Needham school culture.”

Dr. Dan Gutekanst, Superintendent


For more information, visit the Needham High School’s Greater Boston Project website.