The Collaborative Initiative: A New Kind of Grant Program

Funding has been provided for collaborative initiatives with Needham High School such as the Global Competence Program and the Interdisciplinary Learning Initiative.

Through the Collaborative Initiative program, created in 2006, the Needham Education Foundation works closely with the Needham Public Schools administration to fund larger, potentially multiyear initiatives that will have major strategic impact on education yet would not be possible within the confines of the current school operating budget.

Ideas for Collaborative Initiative projects are generated through a dialogue between NEF and Needham Public Schools leaders, making it unique from the usual NEF process where grant requests come from parents, teachers, and students.

Collaborative Initiative programs must produce measurable results, may span multiple years, must impact a large number of students, and must be sustainable after NEF funding comes to a close.

The Collaborative Initiative programs exist in parallel with NEF’s traditional grant programs. All Collaborative Initiative projects are reviewed by the NEF board annually.

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