Spelling Bee Results

2015 Spelling Bee

New Elementary Round Results in a Tie!

Top Row: Emma Fleck, Brendan Szeto, Steven Qie from Eliot School Bottom Row:  Jackie Liebman, Lucy McHugh, Caroline Berney from Broadmeadow School

Fifty teams came together to compete on March 15th at the special Sunday edition of the 24th Annual Spelling Bee, including elementary, middle and high school students, teachers, parents and local business people. Due to some terrific spelling, the new elementary school round resulted in a tie between the Broadmeadow School and the Eliot School. The winning word was “ferocious.”

Congratulations to the 2015 Bee Champions:  High Rock/Pollard Teachers!

HR-Pollard Champs

Pictured, left to right:  Anna Kuebler, Gary Gillis (Bee Pronouncer), Caitlin Harding, Maryellen Shea

In the championship round, High Rock & Pollard teachers Caitlin Harding, Anna Kuebler, and Maryellen Shea came away as the victors after spelling “xerocolous,” which means thriving in a relatively dry environment.

See coverage of the Bee on the Needham Channel and in The Needham Times.

2014 Spelling Bee a Resounding Success!

2014 Spelling Bee Winners

2014 Spelling Bee Champs are Othographic Anthophilia (Chyten Test Pret) with Bee Co-Chairs Denise Bruno and Andrea George

On April 9th, 40 teams came together for the 23rd annual NEF Spelling Bee. Teams included middle and high school students, teachers, parents and local business people, all gathering to test their spelling knowledge. Chyten Test Prep came away as the victors, the most difficult word: “triskaidekaphobia”, which means fear of the number 13. It was a fun-filled evening, with hundreds of spectators cheering on the spellers. As co-chair Denise Bruno said, “It’s a fun community event! It brings so many community members together.”

Here are links to articles that appeared in the local papers:

Needham Times article
Needham Times Photo Gallery

2013 Spelling Bee

2013 NEF Spelling Bee Winners

The Needham Board of Selectmen was the winning team of the 22nd annual NEF Spelling Bee. The team was made up of John Bulian, Dan Matthews, and Lindsey Kiser. The winning word this year was “neossology,” which means the study of young birds.

The 2013 NEF Spelling Bee was a success! Our thanks to the many donors and participants of our annual fundraising event.

2012 Spelling Bee

2012 NEF Spelling Bee Winners

At Needham High School on April 4, 2012, the winning team, The Wordniks, made up of Lindsey Kiser, Liza Kobzik, and Lester Kobzik, beat the Needham Finance Committee in the final round with the Russian word “samizdat,” which means disseminating censored materials. The word was commonly used in former Soviet bloc countries to describe a dissident act against the government.

Read more in the Needham Times coverage.

2011 Spelling Bee

2011 NEF Spelling Bee Winners

The champion team, the Wordniks, Les Kobzik, Christine Bezreh, and Lindsey Kiser celebrate victory at the 20th Annual Needham Education Foundation Spelling Bee Fundraiser, held at Newman Elementary School, April 7, 2011 with the word: f-l-a-g-i-t-i-o-u-s-l-y.

Read more in the coverage by The Needham Times.

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