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NEF Awards $60,526 in Fall Grants

The Needham Education Foundation announced the recipients of 16 grants totaling $60,526 in the fall small grants cycle at the Needham School Committee meeting last night.  These include one multi-school grant that will provide professional development with Irene Fountas to all K-8 Needham Principals and key district administrators in an effort to boost overall literacy efforts and to develop a common vision of literacy education in Needham’s schools.

Awarded grants also include:

  • A collaborative fiber art project for Needham High School (NHS) students to work with a visiting artist coinciding with Own Your Peace week
  • Magnet kits, which will allow Mitchell students to expand their understanding of engineering and magnets in a culminating student-led engineering challenge
  • Six “express” grants that build on the success of grants funded at other schools including: international flags at Mitchell, yoga workshops at Broadmeadow, stand-up desks at High Rock and Pollard, a school garden at Newman, and a Weather Day at Blue Hills Observatory for Mitchell.
  • An augmented reality sand box for Pollard students to simulate topographic maps in real time
  • A musical residency program for NHS students with Asylum Saxophone Quartet
  • Three performances at Eliot designed to expand the school’s cultural proficiency through Brazilian drumming, Chinese culture and Mandarin, and African/Caribbean folktales
  • Rear projection theatre scenery technology allowing High Rock, Pollard and NHS students to create their own scenery for school productions
  • Writing workshops for NHS students with a local young adult author
  • Scientific sensor equipment for Pollard engineering students to investigate renewable energy technologies
  • Artist-in-residency workshops for all Mitchell students to use everyday objects to produce unique collages

See coverage of the fall grant awards on the Needham Channel.

NEF Sponsors Another Series of Needham Talks Lectures

Needham Talks Photo

Needham Talks is proud to present another exciting free series of talks focused on the promotion of supportive and healthy parenting practices.  New York Times bestselling authors and internationally acclaimed speakers will be visiting our community to share their knowledge of…

  • How to effectively manage hectic lifestyles and enhance family relationships.
  • Strategies for raising authentic and emotionally intelligent girls.
  • The impact of fathers/male role models on children’s development.
  • Understanding adolescence and how to build a new relationship with your tween/teen.
  • How to discuss hard or sensitive topics with your child.

All lectures will be held at the Newman Elementary School Auditorium from 7:00 – 8:30pm.

Speakers and Dates:

  • October 29, 2015: Edward (Ned) Hallowell, M.D. – Crazybusy: Overbooked, Overworked and About to Snap! How Parents Can Cope in a World Gone ADD
  • December 2, 2015: Rachel Simmons, M.A. – Be You: An Interactive Workshop for Girls and Adults (Girls 8-14 Years of Age)
  • February 4, 2016: Michael Thompson, Ph.D. – The Importance of Fathers/Male Role Models in Children’s Lives (Male-Only Event)
  • April 6, 2016: Joani Geltman, M.S.W. – The Tween/Teen Years: Understanding Adolescence and How to Build A New Relationship With Your Child
  • June 2, 2016: Jeanine Fitzgerald, M.A. – The Truth About the Hard or Sensitive Topics

This free speaker series is funded by a Spring 2015 NEF grant.

One School, One Book: Schooled

NEF and the Pollard PTC co-funded this grant, which gave each student and teacher a copy of the summer reading book Schooled by Gordon Korman.

Tamatha Bibbo, Pollard Principal and grant writer said, “We had a team of teachers work incredibly hard over the summer to create activities for advisory for the first month of school.

“Overall, Schooled has been a huge success. The teachers were excited to experience a common read with the students and to emphasize ‘being kind.’ Students have been enthusiastic and a majority really liked it. We are having a full school – one day – workshop on the text in November. This day will be our culminating experience for all students- it will prove to be educational, valuable, and fun (some 60’s music, speakers on home schooling, tye-dye T-shirts, Tai Chi, and so much more from the text.)”


NEF Awards $69,230 in Spring 2015 Small Grants

The Needham Education Foundation has awarded 15 grants totaling $69,230 in its recent small grants cycle, with programs for student enrichment, parents, and teacher training. Spring 2015  grants include funding for:

  • A 5-lecture series for parents of elementary and middle school students with expert speakers addressing the “crazybusy” phenomenom, the importance of male role models, how to address  sensitive topics, and building the parent-teen relationship.
  • A five-week summer program at Needham High School for struggling and disadvantaged students to stay on track for an on-time graduation.
  • A week-long visit by Author Jarrett Krosoczka to Broadmeadow Elementary School that includes presentations and workshops for all grades, a professional development workshop for  teachers on “Reaching Reluctant Readers,” and an evening presentation for families.

2014-2015 NEF Large Grant Awards Announced

The Needham Education Foundation (NEF) announced the recipients of its 2014-2015 Large Grants at the School Committee meeting on January 20th. Two grants totaling over $25,000 were awarded. One grant supports a 1:1 iPad program in the Language Based Classroom at Eliot Elementary School. The second grant supports the ongoing interdisciplinary arts integration pilot by extending the partnership to 6th grade science classrooms at the High Rock School.

iPads for the Language Based Classroom at Eliot

This grant of $13,529.60 provides 12 iPads, a cart, and thirteen apps for 1:1 student use in the Language-Based Classroom (LBC) at Eliot. The students in the LBC are fourth and fifth graders from Needham who often struggle to access text-based curriculum due to learning disabilities in the areas of reading, writing, and spoken language. The use of iPads in the LBC will provide students with the means to reach their individual and collective goals across the curriculum. The iPads will also help to foster greater independence and creativity. This grant was submitted by Kimberly Hoffman and Bonnie Nguyen (Special Education Liaison and Speech-Language Pathologist).

Interdisciplinary Arts Integration Project at High Rock

This grant of $12,010 extends the large grant interdisciplinary arts project currently being implemented at the High Rock School with Social Studies and Visual Arts. This extended pilot is designed to explore the impact of an interdisciplinary partnership between sixth grade Science and Visual Arts teachers. The funds will be used for materials and additional planning and instructional time for the existing Visual Arts teacher to co-teach certain lessons in the Science classes. For example, students will work to create a collagraph plate and print that represents the atomic structure and attributes of an element from the periodic table. The pilot will be implemented in the 2015/16 school year and will impact all clusters. This grant was submitted by David Neves (Director, Fine and Performing Arts).

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