James Rojas, an activist, artist, and urban planner, came to Broadmeadow School for a week-long art and design residency involving the entire Broadmeadow community. Rojas travels the world engaging ordinary people, young and old, in the planning process through “build it” workshops, translating city planning into activities that are visual, tactile, and playful—the language of how we actually experience the world. Rojas brought these workshops to Broadmeadow students through their art classes. He presented the students with thousands of intriguing found objects and then engaged them to build their favorite place in their community. He got them thinking, building, and creating, individually and then collaboratively. After building, each student shared his or her ideas. During the residency, photographer Tiziana Rozzo documented students’ work, creating a slide show and photo exhibit. The exhibit was presented at a reception with town officials at Needham Town Hall on March 24th.