Multi-School Grants

The purpose of the multi-school grant is to facilitate grant proposal cooperation between and among Needham public schools (particularly elementary schools) and to ensure that the $5,000 small grant award limit does not create an impediment to that cooperation.

For example, a terrific cultural arts program that is planned for one school may be welcome at other schools, too, and there may also be quality, efficiency and cost savings associated with coordinating the same program at multiple schools over leaving each school to individually plan and carry out its own cultural arts program.

The procedures for the multi-school grant pilot will be the same as for regular grants. A single grant proposal will be submitted, signed off by each principal. Following the grant period, each school will submit its own grant reflection. Rather than being constrained by the $5,000 small grant limit, each school involved in the multi-school grant will be eligible for a grant of up to $3,000 (so, four schools could apply and receive a total grant of $12,000 maximum).

Express Grants

The purpose of the express grant pilot is to expand, at the elementary level, successfully implemented grants from one school to another. For instance, if the NEF funds a visiting author-in-residence program at Hillside Elementary School, the grant application will be streamlined for those interested in bringing the same experience to Mitchell Elementary School. With a condensed express application, our aim is to encourage each school to experience innovative programs that meet their particular needs. Express grants will be incorporated into the regular small grant cycle, with the same $5000 limit and principal sign-off requirement. Applicants will be asked to provide feedback from the initial NEF-funded grant.