NEF Grants for Needham Schools

Grants are the heart of what the NEF provides to the Needham community. We provide our grants in three different cycles.

We promote innovation. We seek out and fund programs that are beyond normal and expected public funding. We fund leading leading-edge projects in math and science, languages and the arts, emerging technologies and social development.

At a time when public funds are scarce and resources are increasingly limited, NEF's grants for innovation provide an important outlet for teachers, parents and students to learn, experiment, and improve.

Fall Grants
Up to $5,000 each
Grant application deadline: Late October
Grants awarded in November for use in the current school year

Large Grants
Up to $15,000
Deadline for concept papers: Late October
Application deadline for approved concept papers: Late November
Grants awarded in January

Spring Grants
Up to $5,000 each
Grant application deadline: Early March
Grants awarded in April for use the following school year

Fall and Spring grants can be for as little as a few hundred dollars, or for as much as $5,000. In a typical year, the NEF funds between 20 and 40 grants in this category.

Large grants support programs that promise broad and lasting impact for Needham school children. They can be for one or two-year programs, to benefit an entire school or the entire school system. The NEF normally funds between one and four Large Grants each year.

Grant applications are reviewed by NEF committees consisting of NEF board members members, teachers, and at-large members of the Needham community. Typically, the committee meets several times over a period of several weeks, discussing applications and , seeking further information from applicants, before arriving at their decisions. Final awards are announced when the grants are presented by NEF board members at a public meeting of the Needham School Committee.

The Collaborative Initiative

The NEF works closely with the Needham Public Schools administration to fund larger, potentially multi-year initiatives that will have major, strategic impact on education, yet are not normally possible within the confines of the current school operating budget.

The first Collaborative Initiative program, launched in October 2007, is the Needham High School Global Competence Program.