The 2017 Spelling Bee Was a Great Success!

With 32 teams competing for the top prize, the 26th Annual NEF Spelling Bee was a great success and a lot of fun!

Congratulations to the Library Bookies, the 2017 Spelling Bee Champions!  Their winning word was ranunculus  which is defined as “any plant of a large and widely distributed genus of herbs that have simple or variously lobed leaves and mostly yellow flowers”.  Way to go!


Congratulations also go out to the Eliot Queen Bees, the elementary team representing the John Eliot School.  They competed against 4 other elementary teams and took home the top prize!

We thank all of our team sponsors and advertisers for supporting this event.  Special thanks goes to Roche Brothers, Veryst and Needham Bank for being “Head of the Class” sponsors again this year!  We appreciate your continued support.